2KW 7.7N.M High precision IP65 AC servo motor with encoder, Servo Motor and Driver

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2KW 7.7N.M High precision IP65 AC servo motor with encoder, Servo Motor and Driver


The 2KW 7.7N.M High precision IP65 AC servo motor with encoder is a powerful and reliable motor designed for precision control in various applications. It combines high performance with advanced features to deliver accurate and efficient operation.

Function and Features

  • High Precision Control: The servo motor offers precise control with its advanced technology, ensuring accurate positioning and movement.
  • Fast Response: With its quick response time, the motor can adapt to changing conditions and provide rapid and precise motion.
  • High Torque Density: The motor delivers high torque output in a compact size, providing powerful performance in a smaller package.
  • Wide Operating Range: The motor operates efficiently across a wide range of speeds and loads, making it versatile for various applications.
  • Improved System Efficiency: The servo motor helps optimize system efficiency, reducing energy consumption and improving overall performance.
  • Enhanced Production Quality: By providing precise control and accuracy, the motor enhances production quality and consistency.

Working Principle

The servo motor operates based on closed-loop control, where feedback from the encoder is used to continuously adjust the motor's position and speed. This precise control is achieved through a combination of the motor, driver, controller, and feedback device working together.


The servo motor finds application in various industries where precise motion control is required. It is commonly used in robotics, CNC machines, automation systems, and industrial machinery.

Servo Motor Applications

What is a Servo Motor?

A servo motor is a type of motor that operates on feedback control. Unlike other types of motors such as stepper motors or DC motors, servo motors provide precise control over position, speed, and acceleration.

Key Components of a Servo Motor

  • Controller: The controller processes the control signals and coordinates the operation of the servo motor.
  • Driver: The driver amplifies the control signals and provides the necessary power to drive the motor.
  • Motor Body: The motor body converts electrical energy into mechanical motion.
  • Feedback Device: The feedback device, such as an encoder, provides real-time feedback on the motor's position, speed, and direction.

Precision Control in Servo Motor

The control system of a servo motor achieves precise position, speed, and acceleration control through a combination of feedback from the encoder and the accurate adjustment of control signals. This allows for precise and repeatable motion control in various applications.

Types of Servo Motors

There are different types of servo motors, each with its own advantages and disadvantages.

  • AC Servo Motor: AC servo motors are known for their high torque capacity and smooth operation. They are suitable for applications requiring high precision and continuous operation.
  • DC Servo Motor: DC servo motors offer high torque and fast response. They are widely used in applications that require quick and precise positioning.
  • Brushless Servo Motor: Brushless servo motors are maintenance-free and offer high efficiency. They are commonly used in applications where reliability and long lifespan are crucial.

Applications and Benefits

Servo motors are widely used in industries such as manufacturing, automation, robotics, and aerospace. They help improve production efficiency and product quality by providing precise control over motion. Servo motors enable automation, enhance productivity, and contribute to the overall advancement of industries.

Servo Motor Product

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