Best-Selling Trough-Shaped Kneading Mixer Chemical Liquid Paste Powder Blender

Best-Selling Trough-Shaped Kneading Mixer Chemical Liquid Paste Powder Blender

The NH sequence kneader is fed with horizontal dual-regulation parallelism, agitating shaft method Σ-type, twin-blade horizontal configuration, reverse rotation and diverse speeds. When functioning, the motor is pushed by the reducer to the lively propeller, and the pushed propeller is driven by the counter equipment. The spiral blade of the stirring propeller carries the materials each axially and radially it is both squeezing and The separation motion can make the resources entirely knead, frustrate, mix, combine and shear, and accelerate the bodily and chemical response of the supplies.

one. Composition: Like kneading/mixing technique, equipment foundation, hydraulic technique, transmission technique, electric handle method, heating technique (optional), cooling program (optional), vacuum technique (optional)

2. Discharging: Tilting discharging
                           Screw extruding discharging
                           Ball valve/base plate (guide, electrical, pneumatic)

3. Heating: CZPT heating, sizzling drinking water heating, sizzling oil heating and steam heating.
    Cooling: Z blades h2o cooling, mixing chamber with jacket for cooling objective.

4. Vacuum method: Water-ring vacuum pump and buffer tank.

Type NH-five NH-10 NH-a hundred NH-300 NH-500 NH-one thousand NH-1500 NH-2000 NH-3000 NH-4000 NH-5000
Volume (L) 5 ten one hundred 300 500 a thousand 1500 2000 3000 4000 5000
Rotation Speed (rpm) 33 23 33 23 35 22 37 21 37 21 35 25 thirty 16 thirty 16 38 27 38 27 38 27
Primary Motor Power (Kw) .75 three-7.5 11-30 15-37 22-ninety 22-90 thirty-one hundred ten 30-one hundred ten 45-a hundred and ten fifty five-132
Heating Techniques Steam Force (MPa) .3
CZPT Energy (Kw) one 1 4 nine 16.2 27 32.4 40 72 72 ninety six
Vacuum (MPa) -.094 (Vacuum Kneader)
Pressure (MPa) .45 (Pressure Kneader) .35 (Stress Kneader) .three (Stress Kneader)
Excess weight (Kg) 300 four hundred 1250 1600 3000 4500 5800 6500 11000 13000 21000

Widely used in mixing and kneading of minimal-to-substantial viscosity items in a lot of industries these kinds of as BMC/DMC, Chewing gum, sweet/sugar paste, plastic/foolish putty, sizzling melt adhesive, silicon compound, CMC/Cellulose, Electrode paste, carbon, pencil leads, cleaning soap, pigments, inks, plastic and many others.


Best-Selling Trough-Shaped Kneading Mixer Chemical Liquid Paste Powder Blender