Three Phase IEC Standrad Yej AC Electromagnetic Brake Asynchronous Motor

Three Phase IEC Standrad Yej AC Electromagnetic Brake Asynchronous Motor

YEJ collection AC electromagnetic brake three-period asynchronous motor is suited for fast end, accurate positioning, reciprocating procedure, anti-skid and spindle transmission and auxiliary transmission in different equipment, such as lifting machinery, transportation equipment, packaging machinery, food machinery, Printing machinery, development equipment, woodworking machinery, deceleration equipment, metallurgical machinery, forging machinery, and so forth. This sequence of motors is a by-product system consisting of a DC electromagnetic brake in between the rear end include of the Y sequence AC motor and the supporter. The braking approach is the electricity-off braking. The braking time characteristics of the YEJ collection AC asynchronous motor are connected to the wiring of the rectifier.
YEJ series AC electromagnetic brake motor. It can comprehend rapid braking after the motor loses electrical power. The motor with quickly braking time body number sixty three~ninety is considerably less than .15 seconds, and the motor with frame variety one hundred~a hundred and sixty is much less than .twenty seconds. The motor can understand gradual braking by changing the wiring of the junction box in accordance to consumer specifications. This series of motors has lower sounds and reliable braking performance. The operating principle is as follows: When the motor is energized, the electromagnetic brake is 198V DC by 220V AC rectification. At this time, the armature is attracted by the electromagnet, so that the brake disc is in a rotatable point out and the motor is free to rotate. When the motor loses electricity, the electromagnet loses energy, and the armature is instantly pressed by the spring, so that the brake disc and the electric powered rear stop cover are pressed together to cease the rotation. The lower electricity design is manufactured of aluminum alloy.

This type of motor complies with IEC specifications.
Power assortment .18KW-200KW
The rated voltage of the motor is 380V (unique voltage can be made)
Rated frequency is 50HZ/60HZ
Enclosure safety ranking is IP44
Brake defense ranking is IP23
Cooling approach is IC411
Operate program is steady doing work system S1
Insulation course is B

YEJ collection AC electromagnetic brake motor has the attributes of fast braking, simple framework and precise positioning.
The YEJ series AC asynchronous brake motor is mounted on the finish cover of the non-shaft finish of the motor. When the brake motor is connected to the power provide, the brake also functions at the same time. The electromagnet draws in the armature and compresses the spring thanks to electromagnetic attraction. The disc is disconnected from the armature and the end cap, and the motor begins to rotate. When the power is turned off, the brake electromagnet loses the electromagnetic suction power, and the spring pushes the armature to press the brake disc. Below the motion of the friction torque, the motor immediately stops rotating.

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Three Phase IEC Standrad Yej AC Electromagnetic Brake Asynchronous Motor