Hot Selling Smart Pie 5! Electric Bicycle Kit E Bike Kit Hub Motor 24V 36V 48V 250-1000W

Hot Selling Smart Pie 5! Electric Bicycle Kit   E Bike Kit   Hub Motor 24V 36V 48V 250-1000W

What Make SmartPie and MagicPie No&time period one Bike Conversion Kits
A&colon Brushless gearless motor&colon No equipment means reputable&comma silent&comma large performance&comma long operating lifestyle&comma maintenance cost-free&time period
B&colon Built-in controller&colon No messy uncovered wirings&comma much less relationship problems&comma simple to put in&comma neat looking goods&interval
C&colon Sturdy climbing torque&colon Acheived by utilizing strong uncommon earth magnets&comma modern motor style&comma and leading top quality MOSFETS employed&interval
D&colon Open voltages 24&sol36&sol48VDC&colon User adjustable electricity and pace&comma self upgradable from 24V to 48V to meet regional restrictions&interval
E&colon Created-in cooling supporter&colon Successful heat dissipating&comma much better efficiency for motor and controller&comma larger climbing capability&period
F&colon Programmable controller&colon Control parameters programming by way of USB cable&comma customizable for diverse EV purposes&period of time

Contents for magic pie III package&colon
1&period Magic Pie three motor
&lparBrushless&Gearless with Developed-in controller&rpar
two&time period All-in-one particular integraged Cable with Thumb or Twist Throttle with Battery gauge&comma Brake levers&comma Cruise handle button&period

24V&sol36V&sol48V 250&sol750&sol1000W
&lpar16”&sol18”&sol20”&sol24”&sol26”&sol28″&sol700C Spoked CZPT Wall Rim&rpar

Crucial functions&colon
one&period30&percnt increased climbing Torque
&lparMax&colon >70N&time period M&rpar
two&time period Straightforward replaceable Inside controller with upgraded mosfets&comma No much more messy wiring with new built-in controller
3&time period Much better heat dissipating with Self-Cooling Supporter&comma removing sixty&percnt heat
4&period H2o-proof integral wiring set with Silver plated Plug-pins for easy connection
five&period of time Up grade Mosfet with 35A constant existing
six&period Twin manage manner for sensor and sensorless
seven&interval Multi-Voltage settle for 24V&sol36V&sol48V
8&period Regenerative braking
9&period Cruise speed manage
10&period Personal computer progarmable
11&period of time Forward&solReverse CZPT

Gross Excess weight&colon 11kg

Magic Pie Kit Wiring Connection

D&interval I&period of time Y E-Bike
What Bicycle Rider’s Ordeals about MagicPie Kits
“The island i dwell on is mountains and i climb heaps of big hills and the bike performs wonderful&period Fundamentally the place i live is just like hawaii nonetheless we are in the middle of the atlantic ocean alternatively of the pacific&time period I dwell on the north shore of the island and travel thru the mountains to the south shore to the airport i am an air targeted traffic controller at&interval I always verify the motor following a prolonged climb and it does not get very hot&comma heat at most&period of time The functionality of the MagicPie and now the SmartPie is by far the ideal there is&period of time ” — Paul Horak

Here is the magcic pie motor advantage&colon
CZPT Motor Magic Pie Sequence Motor Advantage — Higher performance&comma Large dependability&comma High effectiveness

NO Item CZPT Motor                                          Magic Pie Series Motor  Other Manufacturer Motors Edge and downside
one Integrated structural design Integrated motor with developed-in controller   motor with exterior controller effortless set up with bulit-in controller&comma preserve installation place and reduce wring fault for e-bicycle&comma the e-bicycle seems easy&interval simple maintainance 
two Reduction gear brushless and gearless gear When e-bicycle overloads or climbs&comma the gear is effortless heating with deformation&period of time Then equipment ware will outcome in the teeth fracture and motor can not operate&period
Equipment construction will carry sound&comma minimal efficiency and quick selection&interval
three Multi-voltage open voltage&lpar24V-48V&rpar only a single voltage&colon 24v or 36v or 48v the voltage of the battery is proportional to the revolution of the motor&period
As the the magic pie collection motor is geearless&comma it has no put on and tear&time period Aside from&comma when planning&comma the multi-voltage are taken into thing to consider and the motor can perform successfully under distinct voltage&period So the user can boost the speed and energy fee by changing the battery to adapt to the different driving terrain and load&period
four Multi-output power fee and pace Magic pie iii& ii motor&colon 250W – 1000W                                                Intelligent pie motor&colon                         200W – 400W  250W If you want to update the electrical power and velocity of the e-bike&comma just exchange the battery&interval i t is pointless for you to  substitute the motor and controller&time period
5 Cooling and Radiating Built-in cooling supporter no cooling fan  In accordance to scientific screening and user knowledge&comma good thermal has a fantastic influence on the the dependability and effectiveness of  the motor and controller&period of time
Constructed – in cooling fan can swiftly diserse the 60&percnt heat created by the motor&comma greatly bettering the performance and dependability of the motor and controller&period of time The edge seems evidently when climbing the extended slop&interval
6 Large existing handling capability 30A 15A As the  controller employs high – top quality&comma high – potential energy parts&comma it can handle the  momently large-present output&comma enhancing  the accelerated overall performance and climbing ability of electrical cars and drastically reducing the burned possibilty of motor and controller beneath the effect of weighty existing&time period
seven Programmable CZPT Controller Programmable Non-programmable Specialist end users or dealers can programm the controller via  USB to Laptop so that you can adjust and enhance the digital control parameters&period of time Then the e-bike will be safer and much more relaxed when riding&interval Riders can enjoy the longer selection and  the lifestyle span&time period
8 Regenerative braking Obtainable unCZPT Magic pie collection motor has the unique and reputable regenerative braking purpose&period of time
When breaking&comma the motor gets the generator&period it can break quickly and smoothly and allow the inertial kinetic vitality to become  electricity charging the battery&time period With this distinctive operate&comma rider will appreciate the secure and comfortabel journey and  for a longer time assortment&time period When downhill&comma it also re-demand the battery and decelerate&interval
9 Overheat and
Offered unCZPT When the e-bike overloads and climbs  the extended slope underneath high temperature&comma motor and controller is effortless to in excess of-heating&period of time
Controller of magic pie motor has the bulilt -in sensor which can detect the internal temperature&period of time If it beyonds the
  the allowable temperature&comma the controller will well timed end the electricity provide to the motor and  shut down the technique avoiding the harm&interval Person will re-start the e-bicycle following the ebike cools in a natural way&interval The controller will detect the temperature once more&interval If the temperature is reduce than the the established security benefit&comma the motor will operate once more&interval This function will minimize product failure costs and defend the consumer ‘ s home&period of time
ten Plug-and-engage in integration harness&comma wires exit from mid of shaft  Waterproof&comma anti- wrong&comma plug-and-enjoy army normal connector harness&time period Usefulness&comma aesthetics&comma and reputable&period Consumer-replaceable&comma and greatly reduce the following-income services&period of time   Other brand name motors use less expensive unfastened connetors&comma wires exit from hollow shaft conclude which can lower wires&solcables very easily throughout transportation&comma or when the ebikes slide down to floor at the aspect&time period
11 Commonality  Commonality Focused The ultra-skinny wheel hub layout suits for most regular bicycle &lparfront wheel &lpar100mm&rpar &sol rear wheel &lpar135mm&rpar &rparinstallation&interval Diy modifications is CZPT&period of time it supports disc breaks and transmissions&time period Electrical power price and the speed of the motor can be programmable to abserve the nearby regulation&interval it is universal&time period &lparNotes&colon Chinese 250W&comma EU 250W&comma 750W&comma 500W&comma Canada&comma Australia&comma 200W&rpar


Hot Selling Smart Pie 5! Electric Bicycle Kit   E Bike Kit   Hub Motor 24V 36V 48V 250-1000W