Glue Lined 2: 1 Adhesive Polyolefin Heat Shrink Tubing

Glue Lined 2: 1 Adhesive Polyolefin Heat Shrink Tubing

Glue Lined two: 1 Adhesive Polyolefin Heat Shrink Tubing

Design Variety: SB-SBRS-(2X)G
Working temperature: -45ºC ~ 125ºC  

Soft adhesive-lined warmth shrinkable tube is produced of cross-joined polyolefin material and environmental friendly hot-soften adhesive. Two sorts of wall thickness are optional. It has handed UL, ROHS, Get to certifications with 300V and 600V.
It has exceptional delicate, airproof, fireproof performances. It is widely used to provide drinking water proof, airproof, anti-corrosion, insulation and mechanical protection for metal wire, pump, fixing electrical wire, cable, and getting in contact with wire. It is also broadly use in manufacturing of electrical and electronics, communications, automobiles, shipping and delivery, aircraft and so on. 

Shrink ratio: two:1

Shrink temperature: 70ºC ~ 125ºC

Versatile, flame retardant, eco-friendly, quick shrink, vibrant shade stand, steady overall performance

Soft Adhesive-lined Heat Shrinkable Tube (

Inner Diameter As Provided
Right after CZPTvery (mm) CZPT Bundle (m/spool)
(inch) (mm) Max ID Overall Wall Thickness Glue Thickness
1/16 Φ1.6 1.6 .eight .60±0.3 .3±0.two 200
3/32 Φ2.4 two.4 one.2 .70±0.3 .35±0.two two hundred
1/eight Φ3.two three.two one.6 .70±0.3 .35±0.2 200
3/sixteen Φ4.8 4.eight two.4 .80±0.3 .4±0.two a hundred
one/4 Φ6.4 6.four three.two .80±0.three .4±0.2 100
5/sixteen Φ7.9 7.9 3.9 .90±0.three .45±0.2 100
three/8 Φ9.five nine.five 4.eight .90±0.3 .45±0.two fifty
1/two Φ twelve.7 six.4 .95±0.4 .45±0.2 1.22
5/eight Φ15.nine fifteen.9 seven.nine .95±0.4 .45±0.two 1.22
three/4 Φ 9.five one.0±0.four .45±0.2 1.22
1 Φ25.four twenty five.four one.1±0.four .50±0.two 1.22
one one/four Φ31.eight 31.8 15 1.15±0.four .50±0.two one.22
1 1/two Φ38.1 19 1.25±0.4 .50±0.2 1.22
one three/4 Φ44.5 44.5 22 one.35±0.4 .55±0.2 one.22
two Φ50.eight fifty.8 twenty five.four 1.5±0.four .60±0.two one.22

Gentle Adhesive-lined Extremely Thin Warmth Shrinkable Tube (2.2)

Interior Diameter As Equipped
ID (mm)
After CZPTvery (mm) Deal      (m/spool)
(inch) (mm) Max ID Overall Wall Thickness Glue Thickness
one/sixteen Φ1.6 one.6 .8 .40±0.15 .20±0.1 two hundred
three/32 Φ2.four 2.four one.2 .45±0.15 .25± 200
1/8 Φ3.two 3.2 1.6 .45±0.15 .25±0.1 two hundred
three/16 Φ4.eight four.8 two.4 .50±0.fifteen .25±0.1 one hundred
one/4 Φ6.4 six.4 three.two .55±0.15 .25± 100
five/16 Φ7.9 seven.nine 3.9 .60±0.15 .30± one hundred
three/eight Φ9.five nine.five 4.eight .70±0.15 .30± 50
one/2 Φ12.7 12.7 6.4 .75±0.twenty .35± 1.22
5/eight Φ15.9 fifteen.9 seven.9 .80±0.twenty .35± one.22
3/4 Φ 19.1 nine.five .85±0.twenty .40±0.1 1.22
1 Φ25.4 25.4 .90±0.20 .40±0.1 1.22

Coloration: CZPT color is black (other shade CZPT on request).


Glue Lined 2: 1 Adhesive Polyolefin Heat Shrink Tubing