F6110 High Chrome Cr27% A05 Volute Liner for 8 6 E Ah Pump

F6110 High Chrome Cr27% A05 Volute Liner for 8 6 E Ah Pump

F6110 Higher Chrome Cr27% A05 Volute Liner for 8/six E AH Pump 

Naipu® factory of slurry pump , gravel sand pump , dredging pump and spare components with thirty many years producing expertise.

Slurry Pump Volute Liner  F6110A05

Slurry Pump Volute Liner F6110A05 Material

one. A05 is a wear resistant white iron that delivers exceptional overall performance below erosive problems. The alloy can be properly utilised in a wide variety of slurry types. The higher wear resistance of alloy A05 is presented by the existence of tough carbides in its micro-construction. Alloy A05 is notably suited to apps in which moderate corrosion resistance, as effectively as erosion resistance is needed.

two. A07 Marten-sic white iron with reasonable erosion resistance.

three. A49 is ideal for reduced pH corrosion responsibilities, exactly where erosive dress in is also a problem. The alloy is especially suited for Flue Gas Desulphu-rization(FGD) and other corrosive purposes, in which the pH is less than 4. The alloy can also be used in other mildly acidic environments. A49 has an erosion resistance similar to that of Ni-Tough 1.

Np- AH Series Hefty Duty Slurry Pump Volute Liner 

Volute Liner  Substitute Slurry Pump Product
  B1110NA  one.five/1B-AH
  B15110NA  two/one.5B-AH
  C2110NA 3/2C-AH
  D3110 4/3C-AH, four/3D-AH
  E4110 six/4D-AH, six/4E-AH
  F6110 eight/6E-AH, 8/6F-AH, 8/6R-AH
  G8110 10/8ST-AH
  G10110 12/10ST-AH
  G12110 fourteen/12F-AH14/12ST-AH
  H14110 sixteen/14TU-AH
  AL2110 20A-L
  BL5110 50B-L
  CL75110NA 75C-L
  DL10110 100D-L
  EL15110 150E-L
  SL30110 300S-L
  F8110 10/8E-M, 10/8F-M, 10/8R-M
  F1571 12/10F-M, twelve/10R-M
  CH1110NA 1.5/1C-HH
  DH2110 three/2d-HH
  EH3110 4/3E-HH
  FH4110 six/4F-HH
  FH6110 6S-H, eight/6S-H
  DG4131 six/4D-G, six/4E-G
  EG6131 8/6E-G
  FG8131 ten/8F-G, 10/8S-G
  FG10131 12/10G-G
  GG12131 fourteen/12G-G
  FGH8131 ten/8F-GH
  GGH10131 12/10G-GH
  TG14131 sixteen/14TU-GH
  SP4092 40PV-SP
  SP65092 65QV-SP
  SP10092 100RV-SP
  SP15092 150SV-SP
  SP20092 200SV-SP
  SP25092 250TV-SP
  SP30092 300TV-SP
  SP30092 300TV-SP

Naipu Main Pump Model:
   1. AH ,M ,L Horizontal Slurry Pump
    2. SP Vertical sump pump
    3. ZJQ Submersible slurry pump
    4. G Horizontal sand gravel pump
    5. ZJQ Submersible sand pump
    6. WS Dredging pump
    7. AF, AHE  Froth Pump
    8. TL(R) Desulphurization Pump
    9.Cleanse Drinking water Pump
    10. OEM Casting equipment parts 

The Major pump model of AH HH M L SP AF G Series

AH collection L(R) ,M HH SP(R) G AF Series
1.5/1B-AH(R) 20A-L 1.5/one C-HH 40PV-SP(R) six/4D-G 2QV-AF
2/1.5B-AH(R) 50B-L(R) 3/2nd-HH 65QV-SP(R) eight/6E-G 3QV-AF
three/2C-AH(R) 75C-L four/3E-HH 100RV-SP(R) ten/8F-G 6SV-AF
four/3C-AH(R) 100 D-L 4/3X-HH 150SV-SP(R) ten/8S-G 8SV-AF
six/4D-AH(R) 150E-L six/4F-HH 200SV-SP 12/10G-G  
6/4E-AH(R) 300S-L six/4X-HH 250TV-SP 14/12G-G  
8/6E-AH(R) 10/eight R-M 6S-H   14/12T-G  
eight/6R-AH(R) 10/8 E-M eight/6S-H   16/14 G-G  
10/8F-AH(R)   8/6X-H   16/14TU-GH  
ten/8X-AH(R)   6S-HP   sixteen/14H-GH  
12/10ST-AH(R)   eight/6S-HP   18/16G-G  
14/12ST-AH(R)   8/6X-HP   18/16 TU-GH  

Main Slurry Pump CZPT Elements

Main Slurry Pump Parts : Impeller , Volute Liner , Casing , ThroatBush, Body Plate Liner Insert , Cover Plate , Frame Plate, Pump Liner Expeller , Expeller Ring ,Stuffing Box , Expeller , Pump Shaft , shaft sleeve, Shaft CZPTr, CZPT Assembly , Base, Stuffing Box, Gland Assembly, CZPT Housing , Lantern Ring , pump discharge pipe , flange , and so on.

OEM Services

Based mostly on many many years of prosperous encounter in slurry pump production and design and style, NAIPU can undertake OEM customization for the total established of pump and numerous spare components. The slurry pump spare parts can be created of various materials according to customer’s need, Such as : Alloy twenty, Hastelloy Alloy , A sixty one and so on.


Naipu possess Casting workshop, Machining workshop and Assembly workshop .

Naipu also can do spare parts according to the drawing or sample.

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F6110 High Chrome Cr27% A05 Volute Liner for 8 6 E Ah Pump