Electric AC Asynchronous Linear Vibrating Screen Vibrating Motor

Electric AC Asynchronous Linear Vibrating Screen Vibrating Motor

  Our XVM sequence vibration motor is made as a higher-conclude vibrating motor&period of time It is CZPT in several types with different specifications&comma although the most powerful one particular arrives with an interesting power of 300 KN&comma and is pushed by 30kw power&period The rotor and stator are produced of outstanding silicon steel sheet&interval The warmth dissipation is constrained&time period Large purity copper wire is utilized for far better functionality of the motor&period of time

1&interval Advanced design

    All the parameter calculation and style optimization are executed by personal computer&time period Our precise producing methods and rigid top quality handle program can ensure that the relevant factors perform with each other on a desirable situation throughout the operation of our vibration motor&period of time
two&interval Particular electromagnetic layout

    The rotor and stator of the motor are equally created of premium silicone metal sheet with excellent magnetic conductivity&comma remarkably minimizing the eddy-present reduction of the iron main&period Thus a potent beginning torque can be reached&comma generating the rotor achieve the procedure speed in as brief time&time period
3&period Large load bearing

    All the bearings of the vibration motor are specifically developed weighty load bearings&comma which can endure and  transfer radical thrilling drive and axial load&time period The thermal dissipation performance is outstanding&interval The double sealing design offers the bearing compartment wonderful dustproof residence&time period The higher temperature resistant lithium-based mostly grease is adopted for longer support existence of the bearings&time period
four&period Stepless adjustment

    A exact dial is marked on the eccentric blocks at the both sides of the vibration motor&time period So it is straightforward adjust the fascinating force and functioning torque steplessly from Zero to the highest values&period of time
five&time period Flexible power supply&period

    Our XVM sequence AC electrical power vibration motor is made for doing work on diverse kinds of a few-period AC power&comma like the 220V&sol380V power in China and CZPTpe&comma 230V&sol460V and 60HZ energy in the U&Intervals&time period&comma and the 220V 50HZ&sol60HZ in Japan&period of time Actually&comma this motor can be utilized virtually everywhere close to the globe&time period

Major parameter

Model Rated speed 
Vibrating Pressure
performance weight 
XVM0&period7-two 3000 &period7 &period15 &period38 70 14 M12
XVM1&period5-two 1&period5 &period15 &period38 70 15 M12
XVM2&period5-two two&period5 &period25 &period58 seventy six sixteen M12
XVM 5-two five &period40 one&period01 72 23 M16
XVM 8-2 eight &period75 one&period76 74 42 M20
XVM sixteen-2 sixteen 1&period10 2&period80 70 fifty eight M20
XVM twenty-two 25 one&period80 4&period30 seventy one sixty M20
XVM thirty-2 32 two&period20 five&period10 73 95 M20
XVM forty five-2 fifty 3&period50 8&period18 73 two hundred M24
XVM 1&period2-4 1500 one&period2 &period07 &period30 sixty 14 M12
XVM two&period5-4 2 &period10 &period32 66 eighteen M12
XVM five-4 5 &period20 &period65 70 27 M16
XVM 8-four eight &period40 1&period14 seventy three 44 M20
XZM-10-four ten &period5 one&period14 74 forty six M20
XVM 16-four sixteen &period75 two&period08 seventy four 65 M20
XVM twenty-4 twenty one&period1 two&period6 74 sixty seven M20
XVM 25-4 twenty five 1&period5 3&period0 74 111 M20
XVM 32-4 32 two&period00 four&period73 seventy seven 116 M20
XVM-40-four forty two&period2 5&period0 73 one hundred thirty five M20
XVM fifty-four 5 2&period50 6&period25 73 240 M24
XVM 75-four seventy five 4&period00 10&period14 74 270 M30
XVM100-four 100 6&period50 sixteen&period88 seventy one 390 M30
XVM120-four a hundred and twenty eight&period00 19&period40 seventy six 510 M36
XVM140-four a hundred and forty ten&period00 24&period16 seventy five 580 M36
XVM160-4 160 10&period00 24&period16 75 620 M36
XVM2&period5-6 one thousand 2&period5 &period20 &period70 seventy one 28 M16
XVM 5-6 5 &period40 one&period23 74 37 M16
XVM eight-six eight &period55 1&period5 seventy four 51 M20
XVM ten-6 10 &period75 2&period18 78 69 M20
XVM sixteen-six 16 1&period10 three&period03 seventy eight eighty three M20
XVM twenty-six twenty one&period50 four&period10 eighty one 117 M20
XVM 30-6 thirty two&period20 six&period10 eighty 165 M20
XVM 40-6 40 3&period00 seven&period40 84 189 M20
XVM 50-6 fifty three&period70 9&period60 eighty three 230 M24
XVM 75-6 7&period5 five&period50 12&period60 81 290 M30
XVM100-6 100 seven&period50 seventeen&period93 eighty one 450 M30
XVM120-six one hundred twenty 9&period50 21&period70 eighty three 550 M36
XVM140-6 a hundred and forty nine&period50 21&period70 eighty three 615 M36
XVM160-6 a hundred and sixty 12&period00 27&period37 eighty one 675 M36
XVM180-6 one hundred eighty fourteen&period00 31&period87 eighty one 860 M42
XVM 5-eight 750 five &period40 1&period62 68 74 M20
XVM 10-eight ten &period75 2&period90 72 117 M20
XVM sixteen-8 sixteen one&period50 four&period02 eighty 172 M20
XVM twenty-eight twenty 2&period20 5&period93 80 one hundred ninety M20
XVM thirty-8 thirty 3&period00 eight&period10 eighty two 230 M24
XVM 50-eight fifty four&period00 ten&period60 82 290 M30
XVM 75-8 seventy five six&period50 seventeen&period10 eighty one 450 M30
XVM100-eight 100 8&period50 21&period80 eighty one 690 M36

Package & Certificat

Outer packing is plywood circumstance&comma conform to the worldwide specifications&period
Interior packing is Humidity-evidence and drinking water-proof membrane&time period
All of package deal are wrapped by &period5mm metal belt to further strengthen&period of time
THE FUMIGATION&solDISINFECTION Certificate&comma PHYTOSANITARY Certificate to Russia could be supported&period of time
PACKING DECLARATION to Australia could be offered&interval
CIQ to Egypt and Ethiopia could be supplied&time period

Required inquiry data
Remember to give the adhere to details for a ideal equipment&colon
1&interval Make sure you tips your usage&period of time
two&time period Make sure you advice the energy you need 
3&period Make sure you advice the rated pace&time period
4&interval Please suggestions the voltage you use&time period
5&period Other special prerequisite&period 

We promise&comma all of your information &lparTel&comma e-mail&comma and so forth&time period&rpar will be not printed CZPT authorization&time period

Electric AC Asynchronous Linear Vibrating Screen Vibrating Motor