CNC Woodworking Side Holes Drilling Machine

CNC Woodworking Side Holes Drilling Machine

                         China Facet Drilling Equipment

1. The device is a special style for facet holes drilling of plate furnishings

2. The facet holes can be achieved via scHangCZPT the barcode and Infrared sensor,
     which ensures the positioning precision

three.  It can drill multi sorts of hole swiftly and precisely. No want frequently altering,
      drastically strengthening the drilling effectiveness

four.  Control program adopts PLC touch display screen. It is straightforward to learn and function the manage
      method and master the software in a limited time.



CNC aspect drilling equipment

XYZ working area

2800mm Highest size, Width no constrained

Highest workpiece size


Bare minimum workpiece size


Optimum workpiece width

No restrict

Bare minimum workpiece width


Workpiece thickness


Y motion

Rack and pinion, gear driver / ZheJiang

Z motion

Pneumatic cylinder

Xihu (West Lake) Dis.

CZPT ¢20 sq. / ZheJiang

Max. velocity

25000 mm / min

Max. drilling velocity

20000 mm / min

Spindle power

3.5kw Chinese Air Cooling

Spindle speed

18000 rpm

Inverter power


Travel motor

 stepper motor (servo motor is optional )

Operating voltage

AC380V/50-60Hz, 3-period

Command code

G code



Management technique

HangCZPTe control method

Computer interface


Optional:  T-slot table or Vacuum table is optional



CNC Woodworking Side Holes Drilling Machine