China manufacturer CHINAMFG China Supplier High Torque Precision 2000rpm 220V 0.75kw AC Servo Motor with Cheap Prices vacuum pump for ac

Product Description

CHINAMFG China Supplier High Torque Precision 2000Rpm 220V 0.75Kw Ac Servo Motor With Cheap Prices

SZGH-09075BC  is 750W servo motor ,optimizing design, compact, beautiful contour,  long-term continuous working  in rated working mode and economic type 

Packing list : 

1) SZGH-09075BC 750w servo motor -1pcs 

2) SZGH-SD2571  220v servo driver – 1pcs 

3) SZGH1MX-5M  5meter motor cables -1pcs 

4) SZGH1EX-5M   5 meter encoder cables -1 pcs 

5) Manual  -1pcs 

Pls tell us at first time when you need : 

1) Brake motor 

2) 2500PPR encoder  

3) long cables 

Product Description




Rated Power 


Rated torque 


Rated Speed  2000RPM 

Rated Curret 


Rated Voltage 






Description of  Driver 

Input  Power : 
Single Three Phase AC220V-15%~+10% SO/60HZ

Control model : 

0: Position Control;  1:Speed Control;  

2: Torque Control; 3:Position/Speed Control;

4·PositionTorque Control: 5:Speed Torque Control

Protective Function : 
Over-speed Over-voltage Under-voltage Over-current OverloadEncoder Error/ Control Power Eror/ Position Offset Eror

Driver Load : Less than 3times of rotor inertia 

Display : 5 bits LED indicator display  4 Operate keys

Communication : RS485

Position Control : Input Model , Electric Ratio 




Product Parameters

Power(W Torque(N.m) Speed (rpm)
Flange Model       Matched Servo Drive
40mm SZGH-04005D 50 0.16 3000 SZGH-SD2004
SZGH-5711D 100 0.32 3000 SZGH-SD2004
60mm SZGH-06571DC 200 0.6 3000 SZGH-SD2004
SZGH-06040DC  400 1.3 3000 SZGH-SD2004
SZGH-06060DC 600 1.9 3000 SZGH-SD2004
80mm SZGH-08040DC 400 1.3 3000 SZGH-SD2571
SZGH-08075DC 750 2.4 3000 SZGH-SD2571
SZGH-08075BC 750 3.5 2000 SZGH-SD2571
SZGH-5710CC 1000 4 2500 SZGH-SD2571
90mm SZGH-09075DC 750 2.4 3000 SZGH-SD2571
SZGH-09075BC 750 3.5 2000 SZGH-SD2571
SZGH-5710CC 1000 4 2500 SZGH-SD2571
110mm SZGH-11060DC 600 2 3000 SZGH-SD2026
SZGH-11080DC 800 4 2000 SZGH-SD2026
  SZGH11120DC 1200 4 3000 SZGH-SD2026
SZGH-11150DC 1500 5 3000 SZGH-SD2026
  SZGH-11120BC 1200 6 2000 SZGH-SD2026
SZGH11180DC 1800 6 3000 SZGH-SD2026
130mm SZGH-13100CC 1000 4 2500 SZGH-SD2026
SZGH-13130CC 1300 5 2500 SZGH-SD2026
  SZGH-13150CC 1500 6 2500 SZGH-SD2026
SZGH-13200CC 2000 77 2500 SZGH-SD2026/SZGH-SD4038(380V)
  SZGH-13100AC 1000 10 1000 SZGH-SD2026
SZGH-13150AC 1500 10 1500 SZGH-SD2026
  SZGH-13230AC 2300 15 1500 SZGH-SD2026SZGH-4038(380V)
SZGH-13260CC 2600 10 2500 SZGH-SD2026/SZGH4038(380V)
  SZGH-13380CC 3800 15 2500 SZGH-SD2026/SZGH-4038(380V)
SZGH-15380CC 3800 15 2500 SZGH-4038
  SZGH-15300BC 3000 15 2000 SZGH-4038
SZGH-15360BC 3600 18 2000 SZGH-4038
  SZGH-1S470BC 4700 23 2000 SZGH-4075
SZGH-15550BC 5500 27 2000 SZGH-4075
1 80mm SZGH-18270BC 2700 17.2 1500 SZGH-4075
SZGH-18290BC 2900 27 1000 SZGH-4075
  SZGH-18300CC 3000 19 1500 SZGH-4075
SZGH-18370BC 3700 35 1000 SZGH-4075
  SZGH-18430AC 4300 27 1500 SZGH-4075
SZGH-18450CC 4500 21.5 2000 SZGH-4075
  SZGH-18550CC 5500 35 1500 SZGH-4075
SZGH-18750CC 7500 48 1500 SZGH-4075
SD Series SD2004 SD2571 SD2026 SD4038 SD4075
Output Power 50W~600W 400W~1kW 600W~3. 8kW 2kW~3 8KW 3kW~75kW
Input Power Single/Three Phase AC220V-15%~+10%
Three Phase 380V
Control Mode 0. Position Control: 1 Speed Control; 2: Torque Control: 3:Position/Speed Control;
4:PositionT orque Control: 5:SpeedTorque Control
Over-speed/Over-voltageUnder-voltage Over-current/Overload/Encoder Error/
Control Power Eror/ Position Offset Enor
Monitor Function SpeedPositionPulses /Offset/TorqueCurrent/Status.
Digital Input 1:Servo Enable: 2:Alam Reset: 3:CCW-Forbidden: 4:CW-Forbi dden: 5:Clear
Position Ofiset; 6:Pulse Input Forbidden; 7:CCW Torque Limit: 8:CW Torque Limit
Digital Output Servo-Ready On/Alam/ Orientation EndBraker Control
Energy Braking Support buit in Extemal Resistor Braking
DriveLoad Less than 3 times of rotor inertia
Display 5 bits LED Indicator display: 4 Operate keys
Communication RS485
Position Control Input Mode 0: Pulse+Direction
1:CCW/CW Pulse
I . . 2: AB Phase Orthogonal Pulse
1 . 1 3:Inner Position Control
Electic Ratio Numerator of Electric Ratio: 1~32767
Denominator of Electric Ratio: 1~32767


Packaging & Shipping


1.Industrial packing: plastic bag +foam boxes+ carton +wooden pallets

2.Commercial packing: plastic bag+ foam boxes + carton

3.As the clients requirement

Delivery Detail: Normally ready goods and stock within 2- 5days


Company Profile

HangZhou CHINAMFG Automation CO.,LTD


(Formerly known as ‘HangZhou CHINAMFG Automation  Co.,Limited(Built in 19 November 2571)’)

We are 1 of the leading Ce in CNC package solution, Our focus has been on providing the high quality of Industrial robot arm   LNC & automatic company in China, specialized in designing projects, marketing, and oversea trading, having extensive experiencathe CNC system, Milling CNC system, Engraving CNC system, Grinding & router CNC system, Motor & driver, Spindle servo motor & driver, Gear reducer and Robot arm.

SZGH’ products have been in working with a wide variety of CNC machinery and automatic processing equipment with high performance and good precision, stably. We have now established a reliable structure , our experienced engineers and technicians are able to provide professional consultancy and offer you most suitable CNC application solution.

Our strict quality control measures guarantee excellent reliability and high standard of quality. Utilizing advanced CNC machinery to test every product, 100 percent inspection is made before packaging and shipment. Moreover, We also offer flexible lead times to support your business.

We have a large number of customers across Asia, America, the Middle East, Europe, South America, and Africa. Specially we already built own business corporate group in Middle East market.




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Our company have very professional engineers teams ;

We can provide the professional after -sales service to our all clients ;

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Q: Do you support customized manufacturing?


A: Yes,we can customized manufacturing according to customer’s requirment. We support to OEM your own company display interface and logo.


Q: How long is your delivery time?


A: Generally it is 3-5 days if the goods are in stock. or it is 5-10 days if the goods are not in stock, it is according to
quantity.10-20 days if customized manufacturing.


Q: Do you provide samples ? is it free or extra ?


A: Yes, we could offer the sample with sample price.


Q: What is your terms of payment ?


A: Payment=1000USD, 70% T/T in advance ,balance before shippment.
If you have another question, pls feel free to contact us as below

Application: Machine Tool
Speed: Variable Speed
Number of Stator: Three-Phase
Function: Driving, Control
Casing Protection: Explosion-Proof Type
Number of Poles: 4


servo motor

Are there advancements or trends in servo motor technology that users should be aware of?

Yes, there have been significant advancements and emerging trends in servo motor technology that users should be aware of. These developments aim to enhance performance, improve efficiency, and provide new capabilities. Here are some noteworthy advancements and trends in servo motor technology:

1. Higher Power Density:

Advancements in servo motor design and manufacturing techniques have led to higher power densities. This means that modern servo motors can deliver more power in a smaller and lighter package. Higher power density allows for more compact and efficient machine designs, particularly in applications with limited space or weight restrictions.

2. Improved Efficiency:

Efficiency is a crucial aspect of servo motor technology. Manufacturers are continuously striving to improve motor efficiency to minimize energy consumption and reduce operating costs. Advanced motor designs, optimized winding configurations, and the use of high-quality materials contribute to higher efficiency levels, resulting in energy savings and lower heat generation.

3. Integration of Electronics and Control:

Integration of electronics and control functions directly into servo motors is becoming increasingly common. This trend eliminates the need for external motor controllers or drives, simplifies wiring and installation, and reduces overall system complexity. Integrated servo motors often include features such as on-board motion control, communication interfaces, and safety features.

4. Digitalization and Connectivity:

Servo motor technology is embracing digitalization and connectivity trends. Many modern servo motors come equipped with digital interfaces, such as Ethernet or fieldbus protocols, enabling seamless integration with industrial communication networks. This connectivity allows for real-time monitoring, diagnostics, and remote control of servo motors, facilitating condition monitoring, predictive maintenance, and system optimization.

5. Advanced Feedback Systems:

Feedback systems play a critical role in servo motor performance. Recent advancements in feedback technology have resulted in more accurate and higher-resolution encoders, resolvers, and sensors. These advanced feedback systems provide precise position and velocity information, enabling improved motion control, better accuracy, and enhanced dynamic response in servo motor applications.

6. Smart and Adaptive Control Algorithms:

Servo motor control algorithms have evolved to include smart and adaptive features. These algorithms can adapt to changing load conditions, compensate for disturbances, and optimize motor performance based on real-time feedback. Smart control algorithms contribute to smoother operation, increased stability, and improved tracking accuracy in various applications.

7. Safety and Functional Safety:

Safety is a paramount concern in industrial automation. Servo motor technology has incorporated safety features and functional safety standards to ensure the protection of personnel and equipment. Safety-rated servo motors often include features such as safe torque off (STO) functionality, safe motion control, and compliance with safety standards like ISO 13849 and IEC 61508.

It’s important for users to stay informed about these advancements and trends in servo motor technology. By understanding the latest developments, users can make informed decisions when selecting and implementing servo motors, leading to improved performance, efficiency, and reliability in their applications.

servo motor

Can you explain the concept of torque and speed in relation to servo motors?

Torque and speed are two essential parameters in understanding the performance characteristics of servo motors. Let’s explore these concepts in relation to servo motors:


Torque refers to the rotational force produced by a servo motor. It determines the motor’s ability to generate rotational motion and overcome resistance or load. Torque is typically measured in units of force multiplied by distance, such as Nm (Newton-meter) or oz-in (ounce-inch).

The torque output of a servo motor is crucial in applications where the motor needs to move or control a load. The motor must provide enough torque to overcome the resistance or friction in the system and maintain the desired position or motion. Higher torque allows the motor to handle heavier loads or more challenging operating conditions.

It is important to note that the torque characteristics of a servo motor may vary depending on the speed or position of the motor. Manufacturers often provide torque-speed curves or torque-position curves, which illustrate the motor’s torque capabilities at different operating points. Understanding these curves helps in selecting a servo motor that can deliver the required torque for a specific application.


Speed refers to the rotational velocity at which a servo motor operates. It indicates how fast the motor can rotate and how quickly it can achieve the desired position or motion. Speed is typically measured in units of revolutions per minute (RPM) or radians per second (rad/s).

The speed of a servo motor is crucial in applications that require rapid movements or high-speed operations. It determines the motor’s responsiveness and the system’s overall performance. Different servo motors have different speed capabilities, and the maximum achievable speed is often specified by the manufacturer.

It is worth noting that the speed of a servo motor may also affect its torque output. Some servo motors exhibit a phenomenon known as “speed-torque curve,” where the motor’s torque decreases as the speed increases. This behavior is influenced by factors such as motor design, winding resistance, and control algorithms. Understanding the speed-torque characteristics of a servo motor is important for selecting a motor that can meet the speed requirements of the application while maintaining sufficient torque.

Overall, torque and speed are interrelated parameters that determine the performance capabilities of a servo motor. The torque capability determines the motor’s ability to handle loads, while the speed capability determines how quickly the motor can achieve the desired motion. When selecting a servo motor, it is essential to consider both the torque and speed requirements of the application to ensure that the motor can deliver the desired performance.

servo motor

In which industries are servo motors commonly used, and what applications do they serve?

Servo motors are widely used across various industries due to their precise control capabilities and ability to deliver high torque at different speeds. Here are some industries where servo motors are commonly employed, along with their applications:

1. Robotics:

Servo motors are extensively used in robotics to control the movement of robotic limbs and joints. They enable precise positioning and accurate control, allowing robots to perform tasks with high accuracy and repeatability. Servo motors are also employed in humanoid robots, industrial manipulators, and collaborative robots (cobots).

2. Manufacturing and Automation:

In manufacturing and automation industries, servo motors are used in various applications such as conveyor systems, pick-and-place machines, packaging equipment, and assembly lines. Servo motors provide precise control over the movement of components, ensuring accurate positioning, fast response times, and high throughput.

3. CNC Machining:

Servo motors play a vital role in computer numerical control (CNC) machines, where they control the movement of axes (e.g., X, Y, and Z). These motors enable precise and smooth motion, allowing CNC machines to accurately shape and cut materials such as metal, wood, and plastics. Servo motors are also used in CNC routers, milling machines, lathes, and laser cutting equipment.

4. Aerospace and Aviation:

Servo motors find applications in the aerospace and aviation industries, particularly in flight control systems. They are used to control the movement of aircraft surfaces, such as ailerons, elevators, rudders, and flaps. Servo motors ensure precise and responsive control, contributing to the stability and maneuverability of aircraft.

5. Medical Devices:

In the medical field, servo motors are used in various devices and equipment. They are employed in robotic surgery systems, prosthetics, exoskeletons, infusion pumps, diagnostic equipment, and laboratory automation. Servo motors enable precise and controlled movements required for surgical procedures, rehabilitation, and diagnostic tests.

6. Automotive:

Servo motors have several applications in the automotive industry. They are used in electric power steering systems, throttle control, braking systems, and active suspension systems. Servo motors provide accurate control over steering, acceleration, and braking, enhancing vehicle safety and performance.

7. Entertainment and Motion Control:

Servo motors are widely used in the entertainment industry for animatronics, special effects, and motion control systems. They enable realistic movements of animatronic characters, robotic props, and camera rigs in film, television, and theme park attractions. Servo motors also find applications in motion simulators, gaming peripherals, and virtual reality systems.

In addition to these industries, servo motors are utilized in various other fields, including industrial automation, renewable energy systems, textile machinery, printing and packaging, and scientific research.

Overall, servo motors are versatile components that find widespread use in industries requiring precise motion control, accurate positioning, and high torque output. Their applications span across robotics, manufacturing, CNC machining, aerospace, medical devices, automotive, entertainment, and numerous other sectors.

China manufacturer CHINAMFG China Supplier High Torque Precision 2000rpm 220V 0.75kw AC Servo Motor with Cheap Prices   vacuum pump for ac	China manufacturer CHINAMFG China Supplier High Torque Precision 2000rpm 220V 0.75kw AC Servo Motor with Cheap Prices   vacuum pump for ac
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