AGM Insulation Separator Sheet for VRLA Battery

AGM  Insulation Separator Sheet for VRLA Battery

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AGM (Absorptive Glass Mat) Insulation Separator Sheet for VRLA Battery, Insulation Paper, AGM Battery Separator, VRLA Battery, Automobile/ Automobile/ Truck/ Motorcycle Battery, Lithium Battery, AGM seperator, AGM Panel, AGM fiberglass mat, AGM mat, fiberglass battery separator, fiberglass AGM battery separator, AGM Separator for Guide Acid Battery 

The AGM separator has good acid resistance, equal thickness, higher volume porosity, sufficient tensile strengthen equally in machine route and cross route, excellent compression capability to ensure the higher plate group force, and excellent insulative capability and many others. It can soak up sufficient electrolyte, supply the channels for hydrogen and oxygen free passing to react, stop the energetic supplies from falling off, gradual the development of guide crystal, and lessen the reduction of electrolyte in demand & reduction servicing, it is also has a prolonged utilizing lifestyle. 

Lead-Acid batteries (VRLA batteries). UPS power provide, CZPTal electrical power program, Railway signal, Telecommunication products, Crisis lighting, Fireplace handle and Alarming program, Generator starting, CZPTal auto and Motor-cycle, Benefit-regulated, Photo voltaic & Wind power. 


one Thickness mm ±5%d
2 CZPTal Resistance Ω.dm2 ≤0.00050d
three Tensile Strength kN/m ≤2.0mm
4 Standard Excess weight g/ 20Kpa
five Max Pore Diameter µm ≤20µm
6 Pressurzing Acid Absorption % ≥550
7 Porosity % ≥90
8 Acid-Wicking Top mm/5min ≥90mm/5min

We implement superior technological innovation to each and every customer’s certain specifications. Each solution should satisfy your distinctive requirements for uniformity, compression, pore measurement, absorption, and wicking properties. 


AGM  Insulation Separator Sheet for VRLA Battery