0.75kw Elk Overhead Crane Driven Motor

0.75kw Elk Overhead Crane Driven Motor

.75Kw ELK overhead crane driven motor

.75Kw ELK overhead crane pushed motor breif introduction:

Gearbox cast iron(FC25) material, high tension, high precision. 
Gear Ni-Cr-Mo alloy steel(SNCM220&SCM415) with heat treatment of vacuum
Shaft alignment and grinding, high accurate, high abrasion and strike resistance, 
up 5 times safety factor,long service life.

adopt soft starting and flywheel, make start and brake stable, smooth and not shake, 
and ensure motor high inertia movement.


easy heat dissipation, good high voltage resistance, low noise, high performance, 
high torque, low current, small size, strong output power, high operation frequency.

Electromagnetic brake

Strong braking force, bolt control braking force directly, braking pad high wear 
resistance, ensures it strong stability, long service life.

.75Kw ELK overhead crane driven motor dimensions: 
.75Kw ELK overhead crane pushed motor Parameters:  

Design Energy Variety of poles Output gear Module Reduction ratio Rotation speed Voltage
KD-150A  with buffer one.1Kw 4P M3,M3.five,M4,M5 seven.seven:one 189R/min(50Hz) 210R/min(60Hz) two hundred-600V/3Phase
.75Kw 6P 123R/min(50Hz) 148R/min(60Hz)
.6/.2Kw 4/12P 189/62R/min(50Hz) 228/75R/min(60Hz)

KD-150A M3 Enamel 13T 14T 15T 16T

Reduction ratio:7.seven:1  

Output shaft:112Rotate

Pace 19m/min 21m/min 23m/min 24.4m/mim
M3.five Tooth 10T 11T 12T 13T 14T 15T
Velocity seventeen.9m/min 19.6m/min 21.5m/min 23.8m/min twenty five.7m/min 27.5m/min
M4 Enamel 9T 10T 11T 12T 13T
Speed eighteen.8m/min 21m/min 23m/min 25.1m/min 27.2m/min
M5 Tooth 7T 8T 9T 10T 11T 12T
Speed 18.8m/min 21.5m/min 24.2m/mim 26.8m/min 29.5m/min 32.2m/min

.75Kw ELK overhead crane pushed motor  Application:
.75Kw ELK overhead crane driven motor  functions:

0.75kw Elk Overhead Crane Driven Motor